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Student Visa

Are you desiring to further your studies abroad? Victoria Visa Consultants has specifically tailored the Student Visa to address your need. This allows a person to enroll for a graduate or even post graduate course program. We assist you in acquiring a student visa to study in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, and Germany.

Family Visa

Having family members reside in different countries may sometimes cause a void and stress within the family unit. Victoria Visa Consultants is mindful of the cohesion and value of the family unit through the Family Visa. Our expertise helps parents, children, and partners to apply for temporal or permanent visa and thus reuniting with other family members residing in different countries.

Business Visa

This program is custom made for individuals with investment, management, or business skills. It aids them in establishment or development of existing businesses in countries of choice. We guide our clients through the various business visa categories based on their needs.

Transit Visa

A Transit Visa is a pertinent document for international travelers. The need for a Transit Visa may arise based on a person’s nationality. We help you with to apply for a transit visa to ease your global traveling.

Work Visa

This program is for those seeking employment permit in foreign countries. Victoria Visa Consultants assists you to secure a Work Visa as a skilled professional or nonprofessional. We help you to apply for work visas in the UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, USA, and all the European countries.

Medical Visa

Having a patient that require specialized treatment in a foreign country can be disturbing, especially in the absence of the right information regarding travel. Victoria Visa Consultants understands this frustration. We and are determined to guide our clients through the process of acquiring a Medical visa to aid their traveling.

What we offer:

  • Business Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Medical Visa

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